Letters from the asylum

In memory of the victims of the dictatorships

Directed by: András Kerekes
Written by: Gábor Mező
Produced by: Réka Zsalakó
Director of photography: Zoltán Barta
Cinematographers: András Baricsa-Horváth András - Balázs Zsalakó

Contributors: Tibor Pákh, Tibor Zinner, Ferenc L. Gazsó, Miklós Zelei, Dr. József Parádi, Gábor Mező

Etelka: Ágnes Szélpál
Béla Janikovszky: György Szatmári
Kidnapped boy: Mihály Sámuel Gálos
István Bálint: László Jászai Jr.
Gábor Péter: Tzafetaas
Dr. János Fekete: Zoltán Szabó
Éva Janikovszky: Bettina Dunai
Political prisoner: Csaba Sándor
Camp leader lady: Katalin Patakfalvy
Male nurse/police officer: Gábor Leskó, Gábor Matisz
Police officer: Imre Kelemen, Mihály Samu Gálos 
Judge: Zoltán Barta
Old lady: Józsefné Sándor
Children on the playground: Bálint Barta, Benedek Barta, Bori Ágnes Gálos, Janka Éva Gálos, Ábel Mező, Anna Virág Mező

Edited by: András Kerekes
Music by: Zoltán Barta, Csaba László Sándor
Narrator: Fanni Faragó, János Ferenczi, Juhász Éva Ferenczi, Mónika Vámos
Sound engineer: Csaba László Sándor
Props/costumes: Gábor Matisz, Tibor Gál, Zsolt Fehér, Gábor Leskó
Camera technicians: Tamás Papp, István Elmauer
Production manager: Mihály Samu Gálos, Csaba László Sándor
Staff members: Zoltán Janovics, Zsuzsanna Kálazy
Animation: Dr. Zoltán Gyarmati-Paor
Hair/make-up: Fanni Márhoffer, Zsófia Géczy
Werk/werkphoto: Anikó Steinmetz, Samu Mihály Gálos
Catering: Csilla Szőllős, Péter Sábli

Special thanks to the Hamvas Institute which funded Gábor Mező's investigation

Special thanks to:
National Health Provider Center (ÁEEK)
MTVA costume library
MTVA Motion picture archives
Film archives of the Hungarian National Film Foundation
National Media and Infocommunications Authority
Historical Archives of the Hungarian State Security
Memento Park Budapest
Szalakóta Association
Zoltán Jávori
Levente Vaszil
István Zsalakó

Two doctors and a librarian. Seemingly ordinary people, but who were they in reality? Peter Gabor was heading the political police, the AVO and AVH starting 1945. It would be difficult to even list the inhumanities that were committed under his direction. Colonel Istvan Valik was one of his most important people, the physician to the AVH. According to memoirs, he was the one teaching fighting technique classes where the members of AVH were trained on how to professionally beat and torture people.

The third anti-hero of our story is Colonel Bela Janikovszky. His surname was made famous by his second wife, fabulist Eva Janikovszky. According to memoirs and documents, Bela Janikovszky knew exactly that people were executed based on fabricated accusations. However, the most important thing for our movie’s standpoint is that he also had a dark area in his private life.

Planet Film Studio - 2020

Supported by the Media Council under the Hungarian Media Patronage Programme and the tax break from the Hungarian National Film Fund

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